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5 Essentials You Need At Your Wedding

And why I should have had them at mine...

No wedding will ever be truly perfect, however much we would like it to be! But here are some of my top tips, that in hindsight I would have loved to include at my wedding:

Photography by Lisa at Ampersand Memories

1. Handheld fans for each guest

As you can see from the photo above, my wedding was held in a beautiful yet rather warm Orangery at Tortworth Court. The air-con was doing its very best, but was no match for the summer sunshine and a room full of guests. I contemplated buying these handheld fans for weeks, but never got around to actually purchasing. It's safe to say it would have made a huge difference!

2. A decent guestbook

Now this one was one of the biggest regrets of my day, and I'm still sad that I didn't micromanage this one! I created a beautiful personalised guestbook for our wedding, and wanted to place it alongside our Instax Mini Camera for some great photos and messages. Unfortunately it was left at home, and we only realised when we walked into the room for a first-look. Thankfully our amazing photographer Lisa stepped in with a notebook she had and saved the day, so we still get to cherish our lovely messages from friends and family 🖤 But my advice: make this a priority when packing everything up. Shop my personalised guestbook range here.

3. Tissues! (or hankies)

How I forgot that I was likely to cry on possibly the biggest day of my life so far is beyond me, but somehow I did. So make sure the groomsmen have their matching hankies on hand, and that each bridesmaid has a cotton bud tucked in their bouquet (no running eye makeup on my watch), so the happy tears can keep on flowing!

4. A little clutch for all the essentials (matching, of course)

One of my least favourite parts of the day was continuously having to check who had my phone, lipstick, powder, and everything else that I had no way of carrying. My amazing little high-powered fan for the head table was nowhere to be seen, and a selfie or two with my friends would have been good fun too. This is why it was so important for me to offer very minimal and classy personalised clutch bags for the bride and bridesmaids, to match their dresses and keep everything running smoothly! And just take a look how stunning they are!

5. Reservation signs for the front of your ceremony!

I cannot stress this enough. I didn't notice as I was too busy/ terrified walking down the aisle, but apparently a less than ideal job had been carried out of reserving seats for my bridesmaids at the front of our venue (I'm looking at you, Will!). There was a bit of a bottleneck- my fault for having 900 bridesmaids- but everyone eventually found a seat and we could get things started. My advice to all brides out there, get some reservation tags, and entrust someone specific to lay them out!

These designs are currently in the works at VIP HQ, however if you are super keen on finding some before their release, please do send us an email at, as I'm sure I can make things work in time for your big day!

I hope all of these tips will prevent some mishaps for future weddings, because if there is one thing about VIP Occasions Co, it's that we aim to have every eventuality covered! But as I said, nothing can be truly perfect, and the biggest accidents in hindsight are usually the funniest. My greatest example being my sister and Maid of Honour setting fire to her bouquet at the top table 🙃

Two people laughing at a wedding
Look how pretty it was before being set on fire!

Photography by Lisa at Ampersand Memories

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