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Five Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

The top 5 ways to stay in budget on your big day

Firstly, I'd like to start by saying that staying in budget seems a lot easier in theory than it actually is. Our budget was absolutely annihilated by the time our wedding day came around, and it's one of the things I'm still annoyed about to this day! And that is with the money saving hacks I used along the way.

1. Be smart with your stationery

Fancy wedding stationery is truly gorgeous, and if you can fit it in the budget, I would highly recommend doing so. However, if cash really is tight then there are plenty of ways to keep your invitation costs lower!

  • Keep the names to the envelopes- this way the invitations only need one or two designs, and wonderful stationers such as myself can keep the costs down for you. Try our Floral Eucalyptus wedding stationery range for unbeatable prices and quality.

  • Fill in the blanks- Write in your own details to pre-designed invitations. This isn't my first choice for aesthetics, and can be very time consuming, however it's the cheapest option out there!

  • Make them short and sweet- Pages and pages of guest information can be cluttered, lost, and most importantly extremely expensive! One or two pages is plenty, and gives off super elegant vibes too.

2. Don't splurge on cake

On my wedding day, I vaguely remember cutting my cake, and other than that it was unseen by me! If you're a decent baker, go for it and do your own (I did and saved hundreds), or go for cupcakes, doughnuts, cheese, or anything else you fancy!

3. Location, location, location

Multiple locations are gorgeous, and some of the nicest weddings I've been to have included some travel between the ceremony and reception. This, however, can lead to costly car hires, taxis and even buses to get everyone from A to B. We opted to have everything in one place for our day, and not only did it save us a few (hundred) pounds, but it also made things much less stressful on the day! I can't even begin to think how late I would have been if I had to drive to my ceremony!

4. Flowers

I had no witty title for this one, because the price of wedding florals is no laughing matter. I was quoted thousands of pounds for my wedding flowers (granted, I did have 1,000,000 bridesmaids), but I just couldn't say yes to that price.

Instead I opted for gorgeous dried wildflower bouquets and buttonholes from H Botanics Weddings on Etsy. That cut the costs hugely, plus everyone got to keep their flowers!

For table decor, I ordered wholesale eucalyptus and gypsophila from and had it scattered on the tables by two of my amazing bridesmaids Vicky and Sophie (who I am forever grateful for).

5. Bridesmaid's dresses

Bridesmaid dresses have been revolutionised over the past few years, as prices have dropped and individuality has soared. I opted for, and my bridesmaids chose their own styles which I purchased in one go. The dresses were amazing quality for the price and really looked the part. Other options such as ASOS and Next have some amazing options, especially if you are opting for mixed textures and colours!

Hopefully these tips can help you achieve affordable luxury for your big day, without compromising on aesthetics or your mental health! If you have any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment to help out anyone planning their wedding!

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