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Top 5 Wedding Trends 2023-2024

How to host an on-trend wedding but still keep it timeless:

1. Dramatic Ceilings

Think wisteria, draping, lighting, anything that brings the drama. Floral ceilings give a luxury feel and bring nature right to the heart of the venue, whereas drapes offer a classic vibe, and stylised lighting gives a cosy boho feel. I must say I'm a fan of light and air, so I used our gorgeous venue as the dramatic focal point for out big day (plus, way less effort to decorate!).

Nice and simple, all we added to this was some lanterns and foliage. Photography: Lisa at Ampersand Memories

2. Going to the Extreme: Maxi or Micro

One of the biggest things I've noticed is two vastly different approaches to weddings. This is not only due to the uncertain economic climate and the need to keep costs low, but also the denouncement of excess simply for the sake of it. Micro weddings are a huge trend and I for one am so here for it.

Photography: Ana Hinojosa

3. Sticking to Your Theme

Be it simple and modern, romantic, retro, or colourful, most brides and grooms have a real eye for what they want their day to be. This creates an abundance of gorgeous settings, and great inspiration for new brides and grooms to be! A personal favourite of mine is a modern take on rainbows, with warm and colourful floral displays and mismatched glassware in every shade. It just oozes style in the best way possible.

4. Long Veils

They're back, baby! After a hiatus for far too long, the long veil is back and here to stay. Other than when paired with a mini dress for an elopement, I firmly believe that long veils will prevail. If there is one day to bring the drama, then it must be your wedding day! Paired with a simple gown, it makes a statement without hiding the main event (you!).

5. Doing Whatever You Want

With all of this in mind, it's important not to lose sight of what you truly want your wedding to be. For me, it was all about my close family and friends, and having a fairly small and intimate wedding. Keeping this in mind made decision making much easier, because at the end of the day my husband and I had that as our main focus. So don't lose sight, and happy planning!

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